Troubled to write… 0

Because the time has been tough for quite sometime, especially since the Tohoku disaster, which is still now going on.  I’ve been reluctant to expose my usual stupidity in the situation like this.  And yet as I am such an idiot, it is impossible for me to write anything non-stupid…  Besides, I do not want to fill my pages with this and that daunting stuff.

Nonetheless I finally decided to waste my e-pencil writing about them.  Otherwise I won’t be able to resume my えいごのれんしゅう.

First of all, about that recent murder.  A body of mass murderers killed another suspected murderer.  And the killing is praised as the greatest achievement of relentless efforts which have lasted for nearly 10 yrs.  Further more, some kind of people gathered around big places like Times Square to celebrate the homicide.  Incomprehensible.

And then finally an opinion came out in NY Times, “Why We Celebrate a Killing“, saying the celebrations are “healthy and even altruistic”.  More incomprehensible, because apparently the author (a professor of psychology) is aware that there are people who are disgusted by the celebrations, and also aware that writing in praise of the celebrations will be regarded still more disgusting.

However there is one thing that I could re-confirm to be true.  This killing revealed that anything is allowed to do provided an absolute moral cause, cause like a god.  A Lacanian moment?

Yet another thing I realised recently is also intriguing.  Big people say that it is wrong to think that the War on Terror will be all over any time soon by the man’s death, this struggle must go on, etc.  Hearing this kind of opinions, the man seems more alive than ever, after his death.  A moment of… what?

Second of all,

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4 Responses to Troubled to write… 0

  1. voodoo child says:

    second of all…..

    keep going. this is interesting stuff.

  2. cm says:

    This blog is intriguing. Just how many languages do you speak anyway, not counting programming languages? というか主さんは何人?ドイツ育ちの帰国子女?それとも?とにかくお気に入りに登録しておきましょう…

    • azumih says:

      コメントだんけ。 長らく見逃してました。 すいません。


  3. voodoo child says:

    主さまtranscends all attempts at classification. do not attempt to resolve.

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