Another factual,

… which is too nasty to be a humour.

The governor of Tokyo is very well-known by his far too extreme racism, sexism, ageism, and discrimination against handicapped people.  And this time, he insisted that Japan must develop her own nuke weapons.  On 8 March 2011.

Next came the huge disaster that hit Tohoku area of Japan.  The earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuke accident in Fukushima.  On 13 March 2011.  A nuke power reactor at Fukushima was heavily damaged on the same day.  Pressure inside its containment vessel exceeded by the factor of more than 2x of its designed limit in the midnight, and started leaking nuke stuff.  Eventually the other 2 reactors, that were running when the quake hit, were broken.

The divine governor called the disaster “divine punishment” against immorality of recent Japanese people.  Even though he apologized later for his words, it was as if he might have thought that he punished the Tohoku people by his own hand.

Then, on the election race for the next Tokyo governorship, the same disaster all of a sudden turned to be a clear sign for the sacred governor that he shall assume the next governorship as a “Mandate of Heaven” (sorry that I could not find English news source).  This reinforces my assumption above that the disaster was what he intended to have.  “The Shock Doctrine” of a diffrent kind is this?

This is already more than enough.  But, absurdly, he won the race.  He had already run 12 years as governor.  And another 4-year-term has come.  I think Tokyo is much worse than Italia headed by Berlusconi or France by Sarkozi.  Or are we living in a Kafka world?


We, Japanese people, love to regard ourselves as “sensitive” to nuke things in general, be it bombs, other weapons, aircraft carriers, any other kind of ships like Mutsu, submarines, or power plants.  If the claim were really true, then it would be more or less understandable that a QI programme caused a big mess in Japan last year.  The programme talked about an extraordinary Hibakusha who suffered from both Hiroshima and Nagasaki a-bombing  (see comments on this youtube video for the disgusting noise).  Although the purpose of the show was apparently not to make fun of the Hibakusha, BBC made an apology saying

…However, on this occasion, given the sensitivity of the subject matter for Japanese viewers, we understand why they did not feel it appropriate for inclusion in the programme.

Right.  Sensitivity matters for the sensitive people, doesn’t it?

But are we really sensitive to the extent that we were bothered about this programme?  Big no no, I must say.  I even do not need to argue.  A simple fact can make my point clear.  Again last year, shortly before the mess above happened, the World Peace Summit took place in Hiroshima.  I did not see any TV news programme that covered the topic.  I saw few lines about the meeting on news paper.  We are not interested in it at all.  Absolutely none of my colleagues remember the meeting, much less its message.

What nice sensitive people we are.

Edited: on Sat Aug 13 18:59:37 JST 2011, according to my English adviser.


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6 Responses to Another factual,

  1. voodoo child says:

    Very Nice Piece. You have picked up a very nice angry satirical style. I love it!

    And interesting point about the coverage of the World Peace Summit. I shall take a note of that.

    It is also, in the light of the “sensitivity” issue asserted by the government concerning QI, interesting to look at how they have actually reacted to the real, rather than purely rhetorical, issue of the ‘3.11 hibakusha’, namely most people living in Eastern Japan. Indeed, they seem much more interested in economic issues, with their response regarding the radiation exposure of Fukushima children having been described by one British expert (Busby) as simply “criminal”. Their protestations of concern regarding the manufactured QI controversy are finally revealed as being shamefully insincere.

    Regarding, Mr Ishihara. I have two things I would just like to note. First, I remember he once said (dont have a source) that if there was a big earthquake then the foreigners in Japan would commit crimes. In fact, many foreigners helped out. I am not aware of any foriegn-led crime wave. Furthermore, the reaction from overseas has been overwhelmingly supportive (leaving aside issues of ‘worthy causes’ (Japan) as opposed to ‘unworthy causes’ – far worse stuff in Haiti, Pakistan, the Congo etc). So he should apologise for that at least.

    Second, you mention Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”. That also makes me think of his attempt to hitch his second Olympic bid to the Tohoko disaster. The first one failed, and lots of money spent on essentially bribing (entertainment and flash presentations etc) the thoroughly corrupt IOC was completely wasted. (Of course, it they had won it would still have been a waste, but you get my point). Not to be outdone, he has seized the chance to waste more money that could be better spent on other things, radiation measuring equipment for food springs to mind. Of course, Tokyo will not win (thank god). However rotten the IOC may be, they will surely not vote for a city only 150 miles away from an on-going nuclear disaster, for Fukushima will still not have been ‘sorted out’.

  2. voodoo child says:

    Interesting one. I didnt know about that one. (there are so many?!!)

    Actually, I was thinking about the comments he made in relation to a gruesome murder in which he said something like the culprits must be Chinese because they are more vicious than Japanese due to their genes. It might be the comment he was scolded for by the UN…? But not sure….

  3. voodoo child says:

    Sorry, I am talking crap. (I will blame the heat rather than by brain!).

    You are absolutely correct in your source. I was not thinking about genes etc.

    That must have been the occasion. Good find!

    And sorry again about the confusion!!

    • azumih says:

      Don’t say sorry. Actually that is exactly what’s in my mind when I called him the far extreme racist.

      8 May 2001, in Sankei Shimbun, he wrote:


  4. voodoo child says:


    another great find. you seem to be operating as an Ishihara Watch organization.
    Much needed!
    Wow so that crime demonstrated the ethnic Chinese DNA? And these crimes might spread to threaten the quality of japanese society?
    I see. I see. What a great example. As you commented before, very suitable as an Olympic representative…not!!

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