illogic of “debris logic” logic

There’s long been a dispute about disposal of tsunami debris in Tohoku, especially about whether regions out of Tohoku should accept the debris. And here comes this very very wise person to put a period on the dispute, denouncing the opinions that oppose to the disposal outside Tohoku:

There is a type of fallacy called “Kettle Logic” that goes:

  1. the kettle I borrowed is not damaged;
  2. the kettle was already damaged when I borrowed it;
  3. I didn’t borrow the kettle in the first place.

The opinions opposing to disposal outside Tohoku reminded me of the Kettle Logic.  The opposition argement goes as follows:

  1. Debris are not acceptable because they are contaminated;
  2. There are issues more highly prioritised than debris disposal;
  3. It is not necessary to transfer the debris out of tohoku.

This debris logic is completely isomorphic with the Kettle Logic.

And then declaration of victory follows:

The Kettle Logic is often used in excuses by children for their own faults.  Adults should not rely on the kettle kind of logic, let alone fact checking regarding debris disposal.

It is not quite clear what this very wise person meant by “isomorphic”.  But this juxtaposition of Kettle and Debris logics does not work as the wise person intended.  In the Kettle Logic, any 2 or more statements do not hold true simultaneously, and that is what’s interesting in this logic.  On the other hand, in the Debris Logic, all 3 can hold true at the same time.

It is a bit suspicious that the wise person deliberately made this mis-inference.


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