Congrats Jpn, or Fuck samouraï

O your utmost cowardice and unprecedented disingenuity. How beautifully can you show them off…

And you bought a ticket to the next stage with the ‘fair-play points’? I cannot think of any joke more disgusting than this.

Overall, you did very well, did exactly what we expect from people like you. Congrats Jpn.

But remember. That was not a game. That was not a match. That was something furthest from what one calls sports.

And let us recall these guys once called themselves samurai something.  Fuck samurai.

You guys shouldn’t be allowed in any international games any more, let alone fifa ones. You guys shouldn’t be allowed to get jobs that are remotely related to sports.

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3 Responses to Congrats Jpn, or Fuck samouraï

  1. Piers Williamson says:

    So here was I, having just managed to get through the day without being told, or overhearing, the result – I record the games to watch over the next one or two days – only to open my email account and find the result had been blagged by a guy who never watches footy, using a site he has not used for 3 years! Sigh.
    Still, I did not open the message, and thus did not envisage how it actually turned out…. who could?

    • azumih says:

      i nerver apologise for this or that. ever. i don;t care what the facts are.

      • Piers Williamson says:

        BTW, FYI, here is the original behind the footy chant behind the Corbyn chant.
        Chant is better than the song IMO (why am I using so much teenage text shorthand? sign of a middle-age crisis?)

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