goes round eternal return.  More precisely, it is the very gomi that is the true eternal return.

The same thing can be brought into Nirvāna (sc. free from sufferings of re-birth or eternal return in other words) either.  More precisely, nothing but the very gomi itself is Nirvāna.

Gomi goes round and round, and is free from going anywhere at the same time.

N.B.  This page has nothing to do with ecology.

Revised: Fri Mar 11 20:51:40     2011


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Revision 1.0,  Mon Nov  8 15:26:18     2010

is like eternal return.


Revision 0.0

is like trash.

10 Responses to gomi

  1. Dr. Oku on the way to satori says:

    Gomi is so not like trash. Gomi is a step forward. Into the Unendlichkeit. It shall not be verboten. Ever! Gomi RULES.

  2. Dr. Oku, hovering says:

    Apologies look good from Nirvāna. Brought along some fine gomi to keep myself entertained.

    • azumih says:

      Listening to further tsunami wanings, I came across an idea. Accordingly, I revised the gomi page. Bad thing is that it has got somewhat lengthier. To improve the quality of the page, I welcome more inputs, corrections, or any comments from you.

  3. Dr. Oku, drifiting over Chomolungma says:

    Happy with the view. Vaguely hypoxic maybe. Kein gomi. Kein o-miyage shop either. Bummer!

  4. mf says:

    O-miyage eternally obsesses one and so it is equivalent to gomi ???

  5. Dr. Oku, atop Mt. Kailash, released from the clutches of ignorance and delusion says:

    Nirvāna 101: O-miyage IS gomi! About to embark on pan-European research in the field. Awaiting experts flown in from the East. Findings to be published soon.

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